AMD A-10 delivers the best performance for online gaming with new features!

AMD A-10 is an innovation that is only for today’s applications that delivers the best performance for online gaming. It is the fastest AMD desktop APU that has been ever released and had 1.02 TFLOPS. This system provides the highest performance combo that every PC lover would love to have and show it to their friends. It also has a virtually silent AMD wraith cooler in it. The noise that it generates is one-tenth time less than the predecessor and the new Wraith cooler is silent. It is made in such a way that it supports online games that are most popular like League of Legend and Counter-Strike.

The AMD A10 supports Microsoft Xbox One game streaming by Windows 10. Higher game performance is provided by one and only efficient A-series processor that combines with a discrete graphics card. Only one AMD A1 APU can provide two times better graphics performance than the Intel Core I5. And it is available at the most suitable prices.

You can get it on the webpage link that is present below


AMD is known as the Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. which is an American multinational semiconductor company. It was founded in May 1969 almost about 48 years ago. The founder of this company is Jerry Sanders. In the markets for x86-based microprocessors, it is the only company that is the significant rival to Intel; making it the second largest microprocessor supplier in the entire world. The number of employees that work for this company are more than nine thousand as calculated in 2016. Surely now there are more employees since then. AMD develops and manufactures computer processors for the business and consumer markets. Many other technologies are also provided by them for the consumers. The main products of AMD include motherboard chipsets, embedded processors, servers, workstations and so much more.

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