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Having problems falling asleep? Have you tired of laying and staying in bed? Went to the Doctor and he or she prescribed you Belsomra Suvorexant? Then visit the link that is below to know more about your medication

By opening this link, the main page of Belsomra Suvorexant will open ahead of you. You can read the prescription details in detail and also make a personalized sleep profile.  Read the risk information carefully and only take the dosage that your doctor prescribes. On this web page, you can even see the doctor discussion guide.


Suvorexant is a medication which treats people who are facing a psychological condition which is insomnia. Suvorexant is sold under the trade name of Belsomra. At least for four weeks, it is effective for the treatment of insomnia and it is a way better option as compared to insomnia. Its maker is Merck & Co. and it has been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the sales in the entire United States since 2014. But the drug became available in the US in February 2015 and also in Japan in November 2014. No comparisons are done with the other medications of insomnia with this one. As the people who are drug addicts are not suitable for the trial of this medications, the researchers do not know what effects it does to them.

The most common side effects that people tell after using this medication is that the medication did not help them to sleep. It caused night terrors, sleep disturbance in them or they started seeing abnormal dreams. Some of the users say that the medication keeps them more awake. They report having problems while driving because they were sleepy at that time. Note that the researchers also do not know what effects it causes in people under 18 as it is an adult medicine.

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