Terms of Service

  1. Terms

If any user or visitor is new to the official website of Techriation and want to avail its services than every user must conduct themselves in accordance to this Terms of Use document and by the future versions of this document that will include updates and modifications to these Terms of Use and the user or visitor will also be required to act in accordance to further rules that can logically be applied in such cases.

Any user or visitor who chooses to visit or avail the services of the official website of Techriation will strictly be held responsible and evaluated under the regulations and rules informed in this official writing of Terms of Use and also by other laws that can legally and potentially be applied in the case of usage of online websites and services on any platform.  In unforeseen reasons when a visitor fails to act according to any of the rules of this Terms of Use or ignores any rule then their access to the official website of the Techriation will immediately be restricted and under some circumstances be completely forbidden. Furthermore every image, shot or logo posted on the official website of Techriation is protected under the laws of trademark and copyright.

  1. License of Use

It should strictly be taken into account by all new or former users or visitors of official website of Techriation that all bits of information and material that is used and shown on the official site of Techriation will only be allowed by the team of Techriation to each user to download this data once and any of the content cannot be used for business directed reasons or to gain any profits rather just for personal use.

If any user is caught using the data for commercial reasons then that user will be strictly assessed or punished by the laws set by Techriation in this writing of Terms of Use. According to this license of permission the officials of Techriation will not allow any user to do the following:

  1. Bring changes or any kind of modifications to any of the images, content and materials posted on the official website of Techriation,
  2. Make use of the content posted on the official site of Techriation for business oriented intentions,
  • Delete, hide any logos or marks that are used on the official site of Techriation
  1. Limitations

Techriation and its third party companies that are sited on the official web pages of Techriation and/or on some or all of the articles at Techriation cannot be asked by Techriation to take responsibility or liability for the damages or destruction that occurs in any part of the data that is personally identifying or potentially personally identifying data. This includes theft of information, damage or changes to information or digital loss to any part of the data or saved materials that is asked from the user by the official website of Techriation.

  1. Revisions 

If any user whether former or new locates any inconsistency, mistake or error on any or all of the published content on Techriation official website then is such a case Techriation or its official team cannot be held responsible or liable because under no law or policy does Techriation commit to complete accuracy of all its content, pictures or images.

  1. Third Party Company and Links

Techriation does not take any accountability for proof reading, re writing, correcting or editing any of the content that is published on any of the third party companies that are used as reference in articles, blogs or written pieces on Techriation.

Techriation in no way gives any guarantee of 100% accuracy f the content on these third party websites and neither does Techriation officially endorses or takes endorsements from these companies that are only used as reference on the official site of Techriation.